St. Bernard Soap Co.

Established in Cincinnati, OH by Procter & Gamble in 1886,
bar soap has been continuously produced at the Ivorydale facility for over 125 years.

As liquid body wash products grew in popularity and total bar soap volumes declined, P&G had the foresight to realize that in order for their Ivorydale plant to continue to run efficiently, it made sense to consolidate their production with other competing brands and to reduce the over-capacity in the industry. This vision was realized in 2003 when P&G sold this business and it became St Bernard Soap Company, enabling a number of North American brand owners to subsequently close their own under-utilized facilities and transfer the production of their bar soaps to an independent contract manufacturer.

The business maintains a distinguished list of customers; our supply agreements include long-term contracts to manufacture some of the best known brands of bar soap in the world.


Interesting Facts

  • Capacity to make & pack 6,000,000 bars of soap day
  • Employs over 250 people
  • Continuous production of bar soap on the site for over 125 years
  • Largest rail yard in Southern Ohio for receiving raw materials
  • Manufacturing & Warehousing are linked by a mile long enclosed conveyor


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Key Contacts

Ron Peters
Plant Manager

Beverly Torres
Quality Manager

David Mockbee
Environmental, Health, & Safety Manager

Joe Pilis
Maintenance Manager

Michael Rosenthall
Human Resources Manager

Shubhasish Das
Finance Manager

Tom Gyftakis
Supply Chain Manager

Vincent Williams
Operations Manager

St. Bernard Soap

5177 Spring Grove Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45217
United States

Tel: +1 (513) 242.2227
Fax +1 (513) 482.2687

For More Information
Please Contact:
Ron Peters
Plant Manager